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JSD Announces First Executive Leadership Team/Shareholder Group

JSD announced in 2023 the appointment of its first group of shareholders joining President and Chief Executive Officer Dave Jenkins at the ownership level. Four employees have joined the group
(left to right in photo)

Dave Behrens – Chief Development Officer
Hans Justeson – Chief Operating Officer
Dave Jenkins – Chief Executive Officer
Eric Niemi – Chief Financial Officer
Todd Buhr – Director of Survey

These individuals have been identified as part of the executive leadership team, providing consistent oversight on daily operations. We recognize this team for their commitment and dedication to our firm.

Announcing our new mission, vision, and values

We are a couple months into life at our new office and are ecstatic to share our brand-new mission, vision and company values as we dive deep into strategic planning for the next several years of JSD’s growth!

More than 20 of our staff members attended a two-day staff retreat to kick off our strategic planning venture! Following months of intensive research and assessment, the two-day retreat allowed staff to support, challenge, and collaborate with one another to start building a working strategic plan, along with developing our powerful mission and vision statement that we, as an entire firm, can live by day-to-day.

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