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Environmental Services

Our team of engineers and consultants provide a broad multi-disciplinary spectrum of expertise to facilitate and assist you with implementing realistic strategies for your environmental services design objectives.

Our versatile staff integrates a sound understanding of natural systems with practical approaches to site design, creating viable projects that balance economic and “quality of life” goals in accordance with local and state regulatory standards. We help you understand your environmental responsibilities.

Staying compliant with environmental regulations and permits leads to managing a multitude of changing standards and requirements, while maintaining processes and procedures that not only protect human health and the environment but also provide a return on investment. It’s important to proactively adapt to today’s regulations, ensuring compliance and developing strategies to manage tomorrow’s increasingly strict requirements.

Our broad expertise is listed in the detailed bullet points, but we take pride in helping you with Phase I and Phase 2 investigations, stormwater design; wetland permitting; site grading and earthwork; hydraulic and hydrologic modeling; and floodplain mapping; all the way to pump station and septic system design; stormwater basin inspection; stormwater pollution plans; and LEED documentation.

For those projects that are Wisconsin-based, or more specifically located in Dane County or Milwaukee County, JSD professionals can help you comply with requirements such as the use of Green Infrastructure, expanding the urban service area of the Metropolitan Sewerage District, or addressing environmental corridors through regional planning commissions.

Whatever your situation, our staff of professional engineers can guide you through the process necessary to ensure your move towards regulatory compliance.

We help you understand your environmental responsibilities.

Services include:

  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
    • Oversight & Coordination of Phase II Environmental Investigation
  • Stormwater Facility Designs
    • Wet & Dry Ponds
    • Infiltration Basins
    • Bio Retention Ponds
    • Underground Treatment & Conveyance System
    • Pumping Systems
    • Green Infrastructure Design
  • Hydraulic Analysis of Structures in Water Ways
  • Hydrologic Modeling for Stormwater Conveyance System
  • Stormwater Basin Inspection & Verification
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Soil Erosion Control Design & Permit Applications
  • Flood Plain Management
    • Flood Plain Analysis & Mapping
    • Flood Control Studies
    • Mapping & Permit Applications
    • FEMA Applications (LOMA/CLOMA, LOMR/LOMR-F, CLOMR/CLOMR-F & Elevation Certificate)
  • Reclamation Plans for Non-Metallic Extraction
  • Natural Resources
    • Wetland Mapping
    • Wetland Impact Analysis & Permit Applications
    • Analysis of Endangered Resources & Potential Site Design Conflicts
    • Ecological Analysis of Wetland Systems
  • Wastewater Design
    • Sewer shed analysis for Sanitary Sewer System design & Urban Service Area Expansion
    • Pump Station Design
    • Septic System Design for Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS)
  • Construction Inspection for Permit Compliance
  • Oil Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
  • LEED Documentation

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