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Whispering Coves

Whispering Coves will be a beautiful suburban neighborhood featuring 259 residential homes, a 12-acre future school site, a commercial/mixed-use “gateway” along County Highway M, and 40 acres of landscaped open space laced with winding roads and pathways throughout the development. JSD provided planning, surveying, engineering, and project permitting coordination services for the development located on the north side of the City of Verona, Wisconsin.

A key component of the neighborhood design is the concept of “coving,” an approach to land planning that utilizes meandering roads and varied home setbacks to provide more openness between structures and create and maintain views and pathway corridors. The curvilinear street pattern adds interest to the streetscape and slows traffic speeds, invites walking with meandering sidewalks, increases safety at intersections and adds value by creating a unique sense of place and neighborhood identity.

As part of the neighborhood design, open spaces and stormwater management also played a key role in making the development unique. By interspersing larger open areas along a linear park a sense of discovery was incorporated into the neighborhood design as well as providing a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities, amenities, and connectivity.