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Planning & Development Services

JSD prides ourselves on being responsive to our clients’ everchanging needs–from working with a specific municipality to providing a sophisticated, yet consistent, national retail roll-out. Our team offers a breadth of services that can be tailored to serve every project. Strategically placed to serve local, regional and national clients, our development services staff is equipped to work with communities and developers of all sizes, on a regional and national level, to envision your future and bring it to life!

Community Planning Services:

  • Grant Writing & Administration
  • Visioning & Concept Planning
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Neighborhood Master Planning
  • Ordinance Creation
  • Plan Development & Zoning Administration
  • Municipal Code Analysis
  • Park & Open Space Planning
  • Bike & Pedestrian Network Planning
  • Campus Planning
  • Demographic Analysis

Real Estate Development Services:

  • Entitlement & Permit Coordination
  • Project Implementation Strategies
  • Negotiation of Development Agreements
  • Full Consultant Engagement & Management
  • Preliminary Site Analysis & Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Comprehensive Schedule & Soft-Cost Budget Management
  • Community Presentation & Consensus Building

Our team has an impressive process in place that provides a culmination of activities taking a concept idea through design, contract negotiations, and the entitlement process to obtain the LEGAL RIGHT to proceed with the project.

What makes JSD stand out is our multi-disciplinary staff. Our development services team can collaborate directly with our team of civil and structural engineers, surveyors, planners and landscape architects who are all focused on, and experienced in, delivering exceptional services from project concept through ribbon cutting.

Development Services Objectives

  • Risk Management
  • Master Schedule Development & Management
  • Consultant Retainage & Management
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • Soft-Cost Budget Management
  • Utility Coordination

What Do We Look for In Site Selection Consideration?

There are a number of items we address when evaluating the perfect site for your project:

  • Demographics
  • Define Trade Area
  • Political & Public Environment
  • Entitlement Process
  • Utilities
  • Fees & Exactions
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Alternative Sites
  • Zoning
  • Traffic
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Schedule

Our Experience

Let JSD meet with you at the very beginning concept stage of your project, and take it all the way until the doors open to the public!