American Family Children's Hospital

JSD provided professional engineering and surveying services for the construction of a 7,000-square-foot tunnel connecting the American Family Children’s Hospital and University of Wisconsin Hospital. An Existing Conditions Map of the parcel of land was prepared including a topographic and utility survey of the subject property. JSD also provided an erosion control, grading and utility plan in a construction-drawing format. The plan included details for erosion control measures and other site features. Specific spot elevations were provided on the grading plan for detailed grading.

JSD coordinated with representatives from the City of Madison to prepare the Stormwater Management Permit Application. The JSD Engineering Team also provided site specific hydrologic calculations to maintain positive stormwater conveyance. Based on the proposed stormwater runoff characteristics, JSD designed a storm sewer system to collect, convey and discharge stormwater runoff to the downstream conveyance system.