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Holiday Inn Express

JSD provided an existing conditions survey that included a boundary, topographic, and utility survey for the Holiday Inn Express. JSD provided an Erosion Control, Grading & Utility Plan in a construction-drawn format that included details for erosion control measures and other site features such as sidewalks, storm sewers, trenches, and outlets. A detailed comprehensive landscape plan was also provided to address foundation accents, screening, municipal requirements, and aesthetic treatments for the parking lot and an adjacent commercial building.

JSD provided a Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP), which included the Erosion Control, Grading & Utility Plan; supporting calculations; figures and exhibits; soils information and the Universal Soil Loss Equation. The SWMP also included stormwater management practices and associated design calculations to address sediment control, oil and grease control, stable outlet design, and thermal control.

The erosion control, grading and utility plan and SWMP were submitted to the proper regulatory agencies for approval. JSD followed up with all of the agencies to obtain all required permits for this development. JSD laid out the sanitary sewer & manholes, water lines, valves and hydrants and storm sewer & structures per the approved construction plans. JSD computed and laid out key locations for site preparation purposes that outlined the building area, parking lot, drive area and entrances and defined all high/low points for grading. The foundation corners and offset points were also computed and laid out at the major corners of the building; the concrete flatworks including sidewalks, pads and drive approaches; and the curb & gutter for the parking lot and drive lanes.