JSD Headquarter Office on the Move...

Dave Jenkins – Chief Executive Officer

We are about a month into life at our new office, so stop by 507 W. Verona Avenue and say hello! Even more exciting, we are ecstatic to share our brand-new mission, vision and company values as we dive deep into strategic planning for the next several years of JSD’s growth!

More than 20 of our staff members recently attended a two-day staff retreat to kick off our strategic planning venture! The process was extensive, involving an external management consultant to help with leadership/management surveys, personal interviews, demographic focus group discussion, a mission/vision/values session, as well as other operational assessment and financial analysis reviews.

Following months of intensive research and assessment, the two-day retreat allowed staff to support, challenge, and collaborate with one another to start building a working strategic plan, along with developing our powerful mission and vision statement that we, as an entire firm, can live by day-to-day.

With full alignment and commitment to our new mission and vision, we have developed five core pillars in our Strategic Growth Plan that will guide us over the next three to five years as we continue to grow in the future. We are incredibly fortunate to have you on board as we make this journey!

Watch our video below!