Brian Olesen

Sarah Oster

John Trava

Gwen Winer

Our Newest Hires

We are thrilled to announce our newest hires…..

Brian Olesen – Business Development Manager
Brian has done business development for the past handful of years in the AEC industry, and was a past engineer at JSD much earlier in his career! He will be working alongside Kelly Kloepping on the marketing and business development team to help further JSD’s strategic Plan initiatives with new markets and client relations as well as develop growth planning strategies for new clients/markets/services.

Sarah Oster – Due Diligence Specialist
Sarah joins our Development Services team on the administrative support side. She has experience most recently in the medical field for Admissions and Administration, bringing JSD strong communication skills, deadline adherence, priority control, and flexibility to the ever-changing world of project management.

John Trava – Structural Project Engineer
John has more than 12 years of professional experience, bringing a strong background in design, project management, business development, and 3D modeling in Revit for commercial, multi-family residential and industrial structures. John also has a wealth of knowledge in metal fabrication through previous endeavors.

Gwen Winer – Landscape Designer
As an Ohio State University graduate, Gwen brings skills in conceptualizing designs, budgeting, collaborating with clients and subcontractors, as well as working with city agencies in the Greater Chicago Area for permitting and building codes. Her knowledge in project management, from the renderings and concept plans through construction management final stages, brings her the excitement of also tackling the parks and recreation sector of our business!

Welcome to our team!