Let Us Help You Keep Your Next Project Green!

Kevin Byrne, Senior Landscape Architect

Landscape architects have been practicing sustainability for decades, striving to implement environment and budget friendly options into their designs while considering both initial installation and long-term maintenance. Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP’s), recycled content, drought tolerance, native species, and material re-use are a few of the options landscape architects use to reduce waste, runoff, and emissions, conserve water, recycle materials, and create unique outdoor spaces. 

Properly selecting plant material based on a site’s unique characteristics and microclimate can minimize or eliminate irrigation and watering, reducing capital investment without diminishing interest and color. Tired of mowing Kentucky blue grass? No Mow fescue provides a turf alternative that requires less water and minimal mowing. For landscapes such as green roofs that benefit from irrigation, rain sensors, wi-fi enabled controllers, drip irrigation or pressure regulated spray heads provide efficient water distribution with minimal waste and precise control.

Bioretention Cells offer a green alternative for stormwater management on appropriate sites, replacing the traditional pond. By using engineered soil with organic compost, clear drainage stone, and planting configurations, stormwater runoff can be reduced, cleaned, and sometimes even infiltrated back into the aquifer. This creates a colorful, multi-seasonal focal point that can benefit insects and animals while reducing standing water that can attract mosquitos or develop algae.

When developing an aging urban property, concrete can be crushed on-site and used as aggregate base for new paving or pavement slabs can be re-purposed as landscape elements. Unique architectural elements, such as salvaged steel railings or wood beams can be re-purposed as trellises or benches.

When searching for building products, consider locally sourced amenities to support neighborhood jobs and reduce emissions with shorter shipping distances.

Sustainability can usually be implemented to some degree on any project, and every little bit helps. Contact the landscape architects at JSD to discuss how we can implement green on your next project.