A Brief Review on Endangered Species & Their Effect on Your Project

The subject of Endangered Species, and its impact on your development, including what you can and cannot do, can be very lengthy and sometimes complicated. Let us share with you some basic terminology and resources to help you on your next project!

Although the definition can change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, in accordance with the “Endangered Species Preservation Act” passed by Congress in 1966, the US Fish and Wildlife Service describes “endangered” as “an animal or plant species in danger of extinction throughout all, or a significant portion, of its range.” In addition, some species are defined as “threatened” meaning it is likely to become endangered. Some reasons may include disease, or disturbance of their environment. It is not only important to protect the species, but also to protect its habitat. These issues can affect your development and cause significant delays and restrictions on your project, including a possible denial of approval.

One resource during your Due Diligence period should include an online visit to the “Natural Heritage Inventory Public Portal” (Natural Heritage Inventory Public Portal | | Wisconsin DNR). This is a free online mapping application to determine if your project may have impacts on endangered or threatened resources. After completing the portal process, you will receive an ‘Endangered Resources (ER) Preliminary Assessment,’ which will guide your next steps in relation to endangered resources. This assessment includes a summary of the information, a map of the project area and determination of your next steps.

JSD provides detailed Site Assessments nationwide that include property information of this type, along with zoning restrictions, utility availability, access and local jurisdictional information. Contact JSD’s David Behrens, david.behrens@jsdinc.com, for further information on our Site Assessment and Development Services capabilities