Did I Forget Something?

By: Rich Wagner – Executive Vice President & Kevin Byrne – Senior Landscape Architect

We continue to see many completed projects with remnants of erosion control measures left unattended or abandoned, sometimes months or even a year, after construction. JSD has incredible experience with erosion control and stormwater management with designers and inspectors ready to find the culprits or address your maintenance for your site challenges.

Most of the time, inlet protection is the culprit, and many times these measures are not addressed…..or once they’re in, they are ignored. Once the “sac” has filled with dirt, sediment and debris, it drains to the inlet during grading operations, the measures are rendered useless, and they are no longer protecting the environment. Additional dirt and debris bypass the control and continue down the gutter to the next point in the direction of the road slope, basically defeating the purpose. These erosion control measures should be cleaned and inspected on a regular basis, otherwise, the inlet cannot function to collect filtered storm water.

Other erosion control maintenance should include inspection of silt fence, silt sock, temporary silt basins, dewatering methods, and outlet structures for debris and integrity. We’ve had calls regarding a pond not operating properly or overflowing after a heavy rain event, only to find a plugged outlet structure by debris or even a “critter” who decided to build a home there.

All erosion control measures need to remain until the site is graded and stabilized. Only after stabilization and approval should the inlet protection be removed. Not maintaining the erosion control measures can mean costly fines by the municipality and/or the DNR. Additionally, often communities have maintenance agreements regarding ponds in developments. Save yourself a headache by designating an experienced individual to monitor the site during construction. JSD has experienced erosion control and stormwater management designers and inspectors ready to service your project. Give us a call to be a part of your design team!