Meriter Emergency Generator Building

JSD provided professional engineering, structural engineering and landscape architecture services for the construction of an emergency generator building for the UnityPoint – Meriter Hospital Complex in the Greenbush Neighborhood of Madison, Wisconsin. The new facility was designed to meet the emergency generation requirements of the hospital for the next decade and have the adequate expansion capacity to meet the expected needs for the foreseeable future. The building is 8,200 square feet and will support up to three emergency diesel generators and associated electrical switch gear.

The building was placed in an existing parking area on the hospital complex. The design required extensive utility coordination to place the extensive electrical connections to the municipal electric infrastructure and to the hospital building electrical distribution system. Additionally, accommodation of an underground diesel fuel tank, electrical switch gear and stormwater management facilities were required. Landscaping included the installation of screening around project equipment, green screens on building walls to accent the building and replacement of mature trees. The landscape plan also brought the entire site up to existing code.

Structural engineering included design of the steel and reinforced concrete building frame that would support the multi-story generators and appurtenances. The design includes a Geopier© foundation system due to the poor underlying soils. The use of Revit allowed for the integration of extensive mechanical and electrical systems in the compact building.