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Wastewater Treatment Plant

JSD provided survey, civil engineering, structural engineering, landscape architecture, and LEED evaluation services for the construction of a maintenance building for the Madison Metropolitan Sewage District’s (MMSD) Nine Springs Treatment Plant. As part of the design team, JSD provided a detailed topographic survey of the site incorporating extensive underground utility data provided by MMSD to assist in completing the design.

JSD’s site engineering and landscape architecture services included an extensive stormwater management plan to provide control and treatment of stormwater on a challenging site. The civil design also included the routing and connection of plant systems including use of effluent water for gray water uses in the building, plant hot water for heat recovery in the building, and other systems required for LEED certification. The landscape included features for surface treatment of roof water and other natural treatment systems for stormwater. JSD also evaluated components of design for LEED certification.

The structural engineering services included the design of a structural steel frame building, including roof framing, precast concrete wall panels and precast mezzanine floor panels, which were focused on also providing numerous sustainability features. Unique components to the design included a tubular steel frame to support canopies that would provide shade-to-work areas during peak sun hours while providing a unique aesthetic appearance as part of the building’s architectural design.