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Madison Metropolitan School District Site Improvements

JSD is extremely proud to have been an integral partner for over 40 years in the planning, design and construction of a vast array of site improvement projects for Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD), including sports and athletic facility planning, design and construction.

More recently that role has evolved to include additional services related to pavement evaluations and recommendations for rehabilitation, restoration and maintenance efforts focusing on the safety of playgrounds and parking area surfaces. These efforts have served MMSD’s needs in planning, prioritizing and budgeting for fiscal year improvements.

JSD’s staff of planners, civil engineers, landscape architects and surveyors provide creative master planning and design services for numerous clients interested in new or expanded and/or improved facilities, recognizing the need for the best and most innovative designs available. We pride ourselves on building relationships through trust and integrity and have long been known as an advocate for our clients. We always seek to reduce the cost of our projects within the framework of safety and efficiency in an effort to produce the greatest value for the dollars invested. Our objective is to provide superior service and satisfaction while earning your trust and building the same positive relationship we share with other clients.

Comprehensive List of MMSD Projects
• East High School, Parking Lot Renovation
• East High School, Demetral Field, Football & Soccer Fields
• East High School, Tennis Courts Reconstruction
• Lafollette High School, Lussier Stadium Track & Field
• Lafollette High School, Tennis Courts
• Lafollette High School, Street Terrace Landscape
• Lafollette High School, Baseball Diamond Renovation
• Lafollette/Sennett Schools, Parking Lot/Entry Drive Renovation
• Memorial High School, Mansfield Stadium, Track & Field
• Memorial High School, Tennis Courts Reconstruction
• Memorial High School, Baseball Diamond Renovation
• Memorial High School, Parking Lot Renovation
• West High School, Multi-Use Courts and Fitness Stations
• West High School Regent Street Renovation
• Blackhawk Middle School Improvements
• Sherman Middle School, Building Entry Area Plaza
• Orchard Ridge/Toki Elementary Schools, Pavement Restoration
• Wright Middle School, Pavement & Site Redesign
• Hawthorne Elementary School, Parking Lot Renovation
• Glendale Elementary School, Parking Lot Renovation
• Gompers Elementary School, Playground Improvements
• Latham Elementary School, Parking Lot Renovation
• Whitehorse Elementary and Middle Schools, Parking Lot Renovation
• Sprecher Road Development, Roadway & Landscape
• Parking Lot and Playground Evaluation (PACER for Multiple Sites)
• District Master Contract