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Super Target

JSD provided services for civil engineering, planning, land surveying, and landscape architecture for this 20-acre site which includes a 176,000-square-foot main building and four peripheral commercial buildings. JSD provided both the design and the expertise in the local regulatory requirements and approvals. Design documents included site plans, grading plans, landscape plans, and utility plans.

Plans were drafted according to the customer’s corporate design guideline standards. The site grading included the reclamation of an existing stone quarry. JSD provided building, grade and utility staking that accommodated several construction crews operating all at the same time.

In addition, JSD incorporated the site in the overall Comprehensive Development Plan, as well as aided the client in obtaining a Conditional Use Permit and Architectural Review approval. Lastly, JSD provided the landscape architecture design for the entire commercial complex. The project required the creation of a Certified Survey map (CSM), multiple easement documents and land purchase closing documents.