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316 West Washington Avenue

This exciting urban plaza renovation is located at 316 West Washington Avenue in downtown Madison. The urban space was redesigned by JSD’s landscape architecture group in collaboration with the architect. JSD was tasked with expanding the interior spaces of two 1st floor retail tenants out into the 6,200 square foot plaza. Concurrently, the 50-year old, multi-story office building was in need of an extreme “face lift”, therefore, large stone building façade panels were replaced with windows and additional accent features. A nine-story digital waterfall serves as the focal point at the main entrance to the building. Recognizing its importance, JSD provided multiple view corridors to this artistic masterpiece and successfully translated the digital light panels into the surface concrete with flush mounted LED lights. Architectural pavers, ornamental grasses, and upright deciduous trees were used to direct the user’s eye towards the building’s grand entrance while decreasing the overall scale of the multi-story building.